Olivia’s earthquake

  • Director:

    Irene Iborra

  • Script:

    Irene Iborra, Maite Carranza, Julia Prats

  • Genre:

    social dramedy, 80 min

  • Technique:

    Stop Motion Animation, Puppets

  • Character Design:

    Morgan Navarro

  • Animation:

    Tim Allen, Eduard Puertas

  • Direction of Photography:

    Anna Molins

  • Set and puppetmaking:

    Lorène Friesenbichler, Alicia Velasco, Meriç Atalar, Edu Puertas

  • Editing:

    Irene Iborra, Eduard Puertas

  • Post-production:

    Eduard Puertas

  • Sound:


  • Production:

    Citoplasmas & Cornelius Films & Bigaro Films

  • Distribution:



Olivia and the invisible earthquake is the story of a 12 year old girl who lives her first life changing experience: the eviction of her family. After this, Olivia, her little brother Tim and her mother Ingrid are forced to squat an empty apartment in a rough neighbourhood. Ingrid, who usually is optimistic and full of energy, can no longer bear the situation and falls in a depression. Olivia has to

replace her, caring for her and Tim, while dealing with the feeling of an emotional earthquake. But in the core of difficulties, Olivia finds a new “family” who helps her to rebuild her life and to face up to the inevitable earthquakes.

Because things don’t always happen the way we want, but we can choose the way we live them.