Citoplasmas provides stop motion animation to creators and producers of commercials, animated films, TV and web series, music and art videos, videogames, etc.


From the idea to the final film, we handle all the stages of development and production.

Depending on your needs, we focus on specific aspects of the animation project, always looking for the best result.

 The direction of a project covers narrative development /creative consulting, Artwork, storyboards, animatic, character development, puppet and armature building, set building, character animation, lighting, editing, and sound/image post-production.

Our animating experience includes all kind of stop motion techniques, working with materials such as clay, paper, wood, etc. We carry out the animation of objects, puppets, actors or food, in different scales, from life size to miniature objects.

We also work as freelance animators, accomplishing the animation as good as in our own studio. Here we have two volume sets and one Multiplan table with lighting equipment and camera motion control device, synchronised with Dragonframe software.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs.