bubox - Citoplasmas Stop Motion Animation

The Bubox

  • Directs:

    Fernando Pomares, Irene Iborra & Edu Puertas

  • Producer:

    Alèxia Bas

  • Animation:

    Eduard Puertas, Irene Iborra

  • Photography:

    Gema Briones

  • Edition:

    Fernando Pomares

  • Post-production:

    Joan & Aaron

  • Music & sound:

    Fabio Ammannati

  • Production:

    Citoplasmas + Travellogue


Stop motion Tv series project in development, 52 x 3′ for preschool.

The Bubox are four friends who live incredible and magical adventures with their cardboard box. With the power of the imagination and without moving from their room they can travel to the most wonderful places, visit the marine depths or even fly and play with the clouds.